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How to recognize cashmere?

Cashmere has always been synonymous with luxury, softness and warmth, but How can we be sure that we are purchasing a truly quality item? By reading this article, you will learn the techniques for recognizing if a product is made of cashmere. 

Lathuile clothing is in pure Italian cashmere

How to understand if a garment is made of cashmere? Test to do

Eye test

The first step to recognize cashmere is to carefully examine the garment. Genuine, high-quality cashmere garments feature a regular and uniform texture. Look carefully at the surface of the fabric: if you notice irregularities, knots or threads protruding, it could be a mixture of fibers cashmere and others less valuable.

Touch test

Authentic cashmere is famous for its incredibly soft feel. Run your fingers over the fabric and evaluate its texture. High quality cashmere should be delicate and silky to the touch, without any feeling of stiffness. If you feel a rough perception, it is possible that the boss is counting synthetic fibres or low quality.

Hard “Dye” test

The processing and dyeing of cashmere can affect its quality. Italian cashmere garments are often treated with natural dyes that preserve the delicacy of the fibers. Pay attention to any color variations, and check for signs of smudging or staining. High-quality cashmere will maintain its uniform and vibrant shade over time.

Smell test

Excellent quality cashmere has a distinctive and pleasant smell. Hold your head close to your nose and inhale deeply. If you notice chemical or unpleasant odors, it could be a sign that the cashmere has been treated with harmful or low-quality substances. First-class Italian cashmere maintains a natural, fresh scent.

Invest in cashmere from Lathuile

When you're looking for high-quality cashmere, rely on Lathuile. Our garments not only pass authenticity tests, but are also designed to last over time. Reduce the need to frequently replace your clothes, and invest in products that are a style statement and a commitment to sustainability.

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