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How to dress in winter: The 5 items you can't give up

Winter is the season that puts our wardrobe to the test, where comfort meets style and where functionality must necessarily embrace elegance. But how can we dress to face the cold without giving up personal taste? The answer lies in quality of fabrics and in the choosing the right outfits. Here, then, are the 5 essential winter outfits, enriched by warm presence of cashmere, for a purchase that promises to transform your winter into a season of warmth and style.

How to dress well in winter?

To dress well in winter, the key word is stratification. Combining different layers of clothing not only allows you to adapt to various temperatures, but also gives you the opportunity to play with styles and colors. A cashmere sweater it is the ideal companion for any layering, offering thermal insulation without adding bulk.

How to shelter from the cold

Covering yourself from the cold doesn't simply mean layering items on top of items. It's important choose fabrics that trap body heat and repel moisture. Cashmere knitwear is perfect for keeping the body warm, thanks to its natural insulating properties.

What to put under your coat when it's cold?

Under the coat, opt for a thin but effective layer of cashmere. This fabric not only keeps you warm but allows your skin to breathe, avoiding excessive sweating when you move from a cold environment to a warmer one.

Which fabric keeps you warmest?

Among all the fabrics available on the market, the Cashmere stands out for its ability to offer unparalleled warmth. The unique structure of its fibers makes cashmere the ideal material for those seeking maximum thermal comfort without sacrificing elegance.

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Tights to wear under trousers

For particularly cold days, wearing a pair of tights under your trousers can make the difference. Choose thermal tights that do not add volume but help maintain an optimal body temperature.

Dress in layers

Dressing in layers is the art of combining different items to get the most out of your winter outfit. Start with a cashmere base, add a cardigan or a vest and complete with a structured coat. Remember: every layer counts!

So, when it comes to answering the question: how to dress in winter, remember that to face the cold, no fabric compares to cashmere in terms of elegance, comfort and thermal capacity. Visit the our Lathuile site,, and discover how our garments can transform your winter and give you warmth and style.

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