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Cashmere sweater with 2, 4, 6 or 12 threads: Differences

Cashmere is a luxury fabric appreciated for its softness, warmth and lightness. When we talk about wires, we are referring to the number of cashmere threads that have been woven together to create the yarn from which the garment is woven. This number can vary, greatly affecting the texture, warmth and durability of the garment.

How many threads does the cashmere sweater have?

Textile tradition teaches us that the number of threads used to weave a cashmere sweater determines its thickness, his heat and also the price. A sweater can vary from two to twelve strands, with each increment bringing with it a increase in heaviness and heat. But what exactly does this mean for those who wear these fine garments?

pure cashmere

2-thread cashmere

2-strand cashmere is often used for light and breathable garments, ideal for mid-season or for those who want a thin but warm layer under other clothing. A two-thread sweater is perfect for those looking for a balance between elegance and practicality, without sacrificing quality.

What does 4-thread cashmere mean?

Moving on to 4-thread cashmere, we enter the category of the most versatile sweaters. The four-thread knit offers an excellent compromise between warmth and lightness, making it suitable for a long time period of the year. This type of shirt adapts well to both formal and casual environments, keeping the body warm with style.

6-thread cashmere

The cashmere 6 threads represents a further step towards thermal comfort. A six-thread cashmere sweater is thicker and warmer, ideal for the colder months or for those who are particularly sensitive to the cold. Despite its density, cashmere maintains an extraordinary softness to the touch.

12 thread cashmere

Finally, 12-thread cashmere is the true luxury in terms of knitwear. These sweaters are extremely warm and thick, perfect for facing the coldest temperatures in complete comfort and elegance. A twelve-thread cashmere garment is an investment in quality and durability, a faithful companion for many winters to come.

The choice between a cashmere sweater two, four, six or twelve wires depends on the your personal needs and the type of experience you want to have wearing this fine fabric. Whether for an elegant evening or for daily comfort, a cashmere sweater is always synonymous with style and quality.

And now that you have all the information you need to make your choice, why not take a look at our exclusive collection on Lathuile? Discover the perfection of cashmere and treat yourself to the warmth and softness that only a pure cashmere sweater can offer. Visit our site and buy your new favorite cashmere sweater today.

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