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Cashmere is one of the finest and most luxurious natural fibers in the world, but that doesn't mean it's difficult to care for. If you follow the instructions we give you below, your garments will maintain their quality and softness wash after wash.

A first recommendation, when you wear your cashmere garments, try to keep them away from rough elements that cause a certain friction, such as bags, jewellery, etc... which will favor the appearance of pilling, which aesthetically must be avoided so that the garment retains its look it deserves.

Do not spray the perfume directly on the cashmere garment as it may leave stains and attract moths.

Dry cleaning of knitwear is not recommended, unless special treatment is required to remove stains. It is best to wash the garments with a mild detergent or shampoo specifically designed for wool or cashmere.

In the washing machine

We recommend washing in the washing machine, wool programme, as washing by hand will make the garment too wet and gain weight, which could contribute to its deformation. Use a spin speed of 800 rpm and a temperature of 20°C or cold.
Place the item inside out and inside a special mesh bag for washing delicate items in the washing machine, to avoid snagging.
In the detergent drawer, which we recommend using in moderation, as excess detergent can weigh down the garment, add (WITHOUT FEAR) a jet of scented ammonia, which has great cleaning power and gives softness. (If you're really scared, try some socks, for example)
When you remove the garment from the washing machine, take the bag, do not stretch the garment, turn it on the right side and lay it on a flat surface on a large towel and with the palms of your hands, position it as you want, once dry (its original shape) . This way you probably won't even need to iron it.

Hand washing

If you prefer to wash by hand, use cold water, remove the drops of detergent and ammonia so that it is well dissolved and do not twist or rub the garment, so as not to deform it. Rinse the garment very well with water at the same temperature. Once drained, pressing without twisting,

stretch it to size and roll it up to remove excess water. Let it dry as I said before.

Use the iron as a home method of "sanitization" and embellishment of the garment, always at a low temperature and inside out or with a thin cloth, so that no shine appears due to direct contact with the iron.
While it may seem silly, shaking the garment and leaving it lying on the drying rack in the fresh air all night will eliminate the body and environmental odors it absorbed while wearing it.

Always wash your clothes before storing them. Moths are attracted to natural fibers, especially when they are dirty.

It is more convenient to store folded clothing in cloth bags rather than plastic bags, because they breathe better.



Wash your cashmere clothes! Washing them makes your clothes more beautiful and you will also see that the flaking will probably go less.

Any questions about caring for cashmere?

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