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LATHUILE Italian cashmere

cashmere garments

for men and women

LATHUILE Italian cashmere is a company specialized in the production and sale of clothing for man and woman in Italian cashmere high quality.

Wearing our garments, known for their softness, lightness and warmth, is an experience of unparalleled luxury, an opportunity to wrap yourself in comfort and elegance. In our collections you will find minimalist, cutting-edge clothing and accessories from sustainable sources that reflect the fluidity of contemporary lifestyle with a strong sense of style and comfort. We create clothing that combines the softness of Italian cashmere with high-quality craftsmanship.

Discover our exclusive selection of sweaters, cardigans, scarves, hats, gloves and more, all made with the finest Italian cashmere.

 Join us in celebrating Italian style and immerse yourself in the beauty of cashmere with LATHUILE CASHMERE

Sustainability Manifesto

We support Slow Fashion.

At LATHUILE Italian Cashmere, we support Slow Fashion and are committed to the durability of our clothing. Designed to last over time both in terms of style and resistance, we reduce the need to replace them frequently. We carefully choose excellent raw materials and rely on centuries-old Italian craftsmanship in manufacturing.

Additionally, we design modular collections that transcend seasons, promoting interchangeability and embracing a sense of experimentation, playfulness and freedom. Our commitment to sustainability also extends to reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. We use organic materials and take measures to minimize waste, thus protecting the health of our customers and suppliers and preserving the natural environment.

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turtleneck sweater in heavy naturla light pure cashmere
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